Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I feel like the slacker-blogger so this might be lengthy and dated.  Where to begin.....
The 13 senior couples in our mission helped with 2 mission conferences.  We were assigned different workshops to present and helped some with the food.  There were about 80 missionaries at each conference and it was so fun to see missionaries we have served with in the past.  Pre. & Sis. Checketts plan such great conferences , 9-4:00, with great teaching, fun activities and workshops.  Our workshop was on Good Grooming so we did some fun games, etc to emphasize the ideas.  The missionaries are all so fun.

I have been teaching English to a beautiful woman from India for almost a year.  She loves to come to the church and has attended quite a few activities with her husband and daughter.  They are Hindu and don't want to change but they are delightful.  They invited us to their flat for dinner and it was AMAZING Indian food.  Great memories.

We went whale watching with Lems, Willis and Dingers.  It was a very cold day so we “rugged up” with all the layers we could.  It was sunny and windy.  We left from Darling Harbour and out the head at Watson Bay.  There were many pods of whales migrating from the Antartic to the warmer waters in Queensland to birth.  We were able to see quite a few close up.  We took motion sickness meds before we left and no one got seasick. When we got back into the harbor the sun was setting and the wind picked up and we about froze .  We stopped in Darling Harbour for a bite to eat and then home to warm up.

Saturday 2 good guys were baptized – Fernando and White.  A lot of members and investigators came and it was a good service.   Again the walk back to the train station was quite chilly.  We stopped for burgers in World Square.

We sold our house and have to be out by Aug. 30.  It was pretty amazing and we know the Lord had a hand in this miracle.  The first people who looked , on the first day it was listed, gave an offer 2 weeks later.  We countered and they accepted so if all goes well it is a done deal.  Not sure where us homeless souls will go but it is a step in the right direction.
Our ward did a day of service on the Sydney temple grounds.  We prepared lunch for everyone and we ate there before we began.  About 28 YSA and leaders came and everyone had a grand time cleaning and trimming part of the gardens.

We were invited to the "leavers " dinner.  (Allan was glad it wasn't the quitters dinner).  There were 14 missionaries leaving and it was fun to spend the eve with them and Pres. & Sis. Checketts.  We are pointing at where we RETURN TO.  Cute idea.

We had a fun FHE with the senior couples last night and they "roasted" us.  But we told them we had already been "aged" so no need to roast.  But it was a really fun and memorable time with these great seniors.

Well we had our LAST Sunday on the mission and I must say it was way too emotional.  So many good byes, hugs and pictures.  There are so many of these beautiful young adults that we will carry in our hearts forever.  We have watched them struggle and rise above so many challenges.  Some stayed the course and others are floundering but they all have such good hearts.  We had lunch and dinner appointments every day last week.  A fun Chinese group, some 30 plus friends, lots of special friends like Giulia from Italy and Lainey , Tina and Joanna from China and many more.