Thursday, September 24, 2015

One of the most beautiful places in our "neighborhood" is the Sydney Botanical Gardens which is a short 15 minute walk.  It is a huge garden which is just beginning to bloom and green up for the summer.  We had a leisurely hour stroll through a small portion of the gardens and ended at the Opera House.  Could you ask for anything more???

About one month ago a cute Chinese couple in our ward were sealed and they had their "wedding party" last Saturday.  They were so cute as they exchanged rings and said short vows to each other.  There is something so naive and innocent about their culture that is quite rewarding.

This week was transfers and saying good bye is always so hard.  We develop such love and appreciation for these amazing Elders and Sisters.  Two of our favorite long timers completed their missions and we have a fun farewell meeting where we express qualities we admire about those leaving.

Don't you feel the enthusiasm and love with this group??

We had a ward temple day recently that a lot of the young adults attended.  They love to do baptisms and the new converts are encouraged to get there very soon.

Last week the senior couples were invited to a dinner at the mission home with a member of our Area Presidency from Samoa.  It was a wonderful evening together and Pres. and Sis. Checkouts are always the life of the party, despite the fact that they had been gone that day for 12 hrs.  Love them.

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