Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Christmas season was alive and well in Sydney.  We tried to take in all we could to enjoy the charm of the city during this holiday time.  Several couples went to a Christmas Concert at Town Hall in the city.  It is a beautifully restored building that reminds me a bit of the tabernacle in S.L.C.  The concert was very nice with several choirs, the Navy band, some amazing soloists and a children's choir.  The organ is really second only to the tabernacle with its many pipes and dramatic sound.

We had to bid farewell to 2 of our favorite young adults this month.  Brea left for New Zealand and Katlyn went back to the U.S.  They are both darling girls and have added so much strength and leadership to our young adult ward.  They will be sorely missed but we wish they well.

The mission held 2 days of Christmas Conferences for all the missionaries---half the first day and the the rest the following day.  All the couples went along both days to help with the meals, games, activities, and gift distribution.  It was so fun to meet and spend the day with all 170 missionaries.  We served a light breakfast, lunch, dinner and helped with the activities.  We were exhausted at the end but it was a wonderful time together with all these diligent missionaries.  And Pres. and Sis. Checketts were amazing with every detail planned so well.

We enjoyed a quiet Christmas day with wonderful Skype time with each family.  The homesick bug snuck in the door and caused a few tears (or a lot of tears) but was quickly swept away the following day.  We absolutely love our "Box of Sunshine" and enjoy the sparkle it brings daily into our lives.

The day after Christmas is boxing day and I am beginning to think it is a bigger celebration than Christmas day.  Shopping is absolutely crazy that day (not that I ventured out) and all kinds of other events.  The senior couples had rented a boat (and driver) for the day to watch the world famous Yacht Races.  There are 110 boats in the event which goes from Sydney harbour to another place called Hobart.  The race is about 28 hrs., depending on the weather.  We docked in a suburb and cruised into Sydney harbour and jockeyed with the other 10,000 boats for a place near the starting lane.  The sailboats were gigantic and the whole event was one of a lifetime.  It was such a fun and interesting day.  And YES,  we are on a mission!!!!!

I have never seen so many boats that were literally within an arms reach from each other.

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