Monday, February 15, 2016

Well time seems to be flying by here in Sydney.  We love the diversity of responsibilities that we have and the new people and opportunities that continually come our way.  We have 2 new and very cute members who were baptized last week.  When they began coming to FHE we were playing a name game and one of the girls wanted a new English name.  So I suggested Karli and she loved it.  So now our daughter's namesake is a new member and also one of my favorite English students.

One of our favorite P-day activities is to take the ferry to one of the numerous beautiful places .  Last week was Manly beach.  It is such a fun little beach town with shops and restaurants and a really beautiful beach.  It was such a relaxing day with my favorite companion!!!

Our ward was responsible for the Stake YSA Valentine Party and the YSA committee planned such a fun evening.  The decorations were really cute and we played really great games all night, ate good food and treats and just hung out.  About 60 attended and "lingered longer".  Allan and I planned the "create a prophet" game which was really funny.  Us oldies were pretty tired at the end of that evening.

This week we went on an "adventure" with one of our cute YSAs to some sights a couple of hours away by train.  We visited a Buddhist Shrine/school that was so interesting.  The grounds were so beautiful and the buildings, statues, and teachings were unique and so different.  One of the young monks explained some of their philosophies and beliefs as we toured the facility.

Lainey is the girl who planned this day.  She has been a member for 2 or more years and is such an amazing girl who has been going through some struggles.  So we were so glad to spend this special day together.  She is such a dear friend.

Then we went to a really fun beach town, Kiama, and walked along the shore to the blowhole and lighthouse.  It was such a perfect weather day and the thickly wooded hillsides along the beach are amazing.  It was a great day!!!

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