Tuesday, April 11, 2017

PARTING IS TRULY SUCH SWEET SORROW.  July 24 we took our last taxi ride to the Sydney airport only to find many dear friends waiting there.  Bishop and Sister Jeffrey were there with their happy faces along with Julia, Coco, Lily, Joanna and of course Lainey.  We were able to get checked in and have time to chat and have good laughs about many of our experiences together.  Each of these dear friends have a special place in our hearts.

It was a teary farewell knowing we would not see most of these wonderful souls again in this life.  How thankful we are for the friendships and experiences we had together.

We got situated into our "snug" seats for the 15 hr. flight to L.A., followed by another 3 hrs to SLC.  Of course the anticipation of seeing our family again kept us pretty pumped during that final leg.  And what a joyous reunion it was with everyone (especially me) crying, screaming, hugging and accepting the warm welcome home.  We marveled how the grandchildren had grown and changed and basked in the love of family once again.

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