Monday, April 27, 2015

Well this week has been high on the "learning curve".  We are not only working hard on learning who all these interesting people are and something about their backgrounds, but we are also beginning to tutor young and older from many lands.  Our English lessons include those from Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Mongolia, Brazil and China.  They are all so eager for help and kindly appreciative and we are attaching to them quickly.  Some are members and many are either investigators or just interested people the missionaries have met who want to improve their English.  So here are the "seniors" and some of their new friends.

Saturday was a very important holiday here in Australia called ANZAC Day (similar to our Veteran's day).  It was the 100th anniversary and was a huge celebration with a 3 hour parade and many events throughout the city.  We met up with other missionary couples to watch the parade and enjoy the patriotic festivities.
So another exciting week ahead so stay tuned!

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  1. Great pictures and even better adventures! What a fun group of kids you get to work with! Love you both!