Sunday, May 3, 2015

Last weekend we went to another ward building with some YSAs and many of the missionaries for Nui’s baptism.  We all walked to the train station to ride about 30 minutes out of the city.  We got many opportunities to share what we are doing as people noticed our group and missionary badges.  Both baptisms were so sweet and humble .  

We also tutor Nui in English and she has become such a sweet friend.  Just as in India and China, these dear young people yearn for “parent” figures and are so appreciative.

This week we had some great activities with the ward and investigators at FHE and other activities.  And they do love to eat.

The harbours and many bays are so picturesque and we just can’t get to enough on our P-day.  We have had to dodge the rain a bit lately as it seems to rain at some point almost daily. But I have a grand little umbrella which makes me feel like I am under a mushroom.  So all is well.

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