Thursday, May 28, 2015

Last week we met some other fun couples for an afternoon at the theatre to see Les Miserables.  It was held in a beautiful old theatre and was an amazing production with many different stage affects and such wonderful music.  It was a real treat.

After the play we all went and changed into our "grubbies" and walked down to Circular Quay (where the Harbour Bridge and Opera House are located) to see VIVID SYDNEY.  This a 18 day event every May where they do laser light shows in various locations around Sydney every night.  They have amazing light shows continuously changing on the high rise buildings and the wings of the Opera House.  It was impossible to get the effects in a picture but it was quite the experience.

Last week we had "Meet the Mormons" movie night.  The missionaries handed out flyers on the street and we invited all our English students, ward members, etc.  It was quite successful with about 75 attending.  We had muffins and milk following and everyone seemed to enjoy and had good comments.

We have had an amazing few days here with an apostle of the Lord.  Elder Cook is such a wonderful man with a kind heart and firm and unyielding counsel.  We began Sunday with a fireside where he and Sis Cook and our Area Pres (Pearson) spoke.  They spoke to YSAs, single members and then families.  Each took one topic.  He told the youth “don’t LOOK like the world.  Your appearance should be a symbol of the things in your heart.  Instead mirror the Lord”.   Great counsel about marriage and keeping our families safe.
Monday we had a Mission Conference with these leaders.  Both missions came together so there was about 400 missionaries.  It was a beautiful sight to see and an amazing meeting.  All 400 of us went by and shook their hands before the meeting began and he asked how our family was. 

 Elder Cook is here by special invitation to speak on Religious Freedom.  He has met with the Prime Minister and leaders from other churches.  Tonight he is speaking at Univ. of Norte Dame Sydney and is the first outside religious leader to ever be invited.  He told us that 2 other apostles are speaking on the same subject in Brazil and Argentina.  He said we are working as Apostles to protect the world.  Pretty amazing!  He said they are VERY CONCERNED because agency and religious freedom go hand in hand and that was what the war in heaven was about.

 We went to the temple for the first time in Sydney after the devotional and it was a lovely small temple with a very peaceful spirit.  Then we went for a grand lunch with several couples. 

 Last night we are prepared a light meal – finger food, etc. for Elder Cook and the LDS attorneys in this area at our building.  So we feel the hand of the Lord in our lives so abundantly with all these amazing experiences.  

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  1. We have seen some of these pictures but it fun to see more from all that you are doing on a daily basis. Such fun experiences you are having!