Monday, May 18, 2015

We had another fun P-day exploring the city.  It seems we are always drawn to the harbour but often see other things along the way.  Allan couldn't resist the old English phone booth.  Chris has us on the lookout for his "digareedo" (sp?) and they are in all the tourist traps.   It is fun to look in one direction and see the old restored and well kept buildings and turn around and see the new and modern sky scrapers.  We often see these Ibis birds wandering in the parks and they are always curious and delightful.

This week was full of so many great things and people.  We had a good FHE as usual and we celebrated one of the Elders birthday with cake and ice cream.  This week was transfers and we had a big shake up with 5 Elders leaving and 4 new ones coming and one finishing his mission.  We attended a fun evening of farewells with all these amazing Elders whom we have already grown to love and admire so much.  These 2 Sisters are amazing--one is from mainland China way in the north and the other from Taiwan.  They were part of the Sisters conference we had this week with 16 Sister Missionaries serving in this mission.  Pretty impressive.

 These are some of our stalwart YSAs.  Nora from Mongolia, Yang Lin from Korea and Reena from Figi.

Our English classes were FULL and FUN this week.  Our one-on-one tutoring keeps growing, adding 4 more new students.  Our days are becoming so full but how do you say NO?

Sundays are LONG days but so uplifting and wonderful.  We usually have about 125 at church and the meetings are all so good.  It is amazing to see these new converts slowly grasping the knowledge of the gospel and acting with such faith.  We have about 5 Sunday School classes being taught in 5 languages.  Relief Society is really interesting also with these girls from around the world teaching lessons.  Following the block we always have "linger longer" snacks and socializing for at least another hour.  Then in the eve we meet with the young Missionaries for a weekly planning meeting.  What a super way to begin a new week.

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