Monday, May 11, 2015

Well this week has been another filled with new friends, great experiences and lots of new things to learn.  We love the variety of opportunities we have to serve in this YSA ward and mission.  FHE was great this week due to the amazing young adults who lead this activity.  They presented a good lesson followed with fun and hilarious games and yummy refreshments.  It is interesting to sit back and watch all these young adults from so many cultures interact.

We worked with some new recruits this week.  This is Jack from Vietnam who is brushing up on his English.  We are working with a really cute couple from China; he a member and she an investigator who are getting married next month.  They invited us to their restaurant for "Hot Pot" dinner.  Each person has their own pot of soup on individual burners and we all share many meats, noodles and veg. to cook in our pots.  It was steamy and good.

We walked around China town which is huge and busy.  It reminds us of San Francisco China town.  Are these cotton candys hilarious or what?

We love interacting with the 14 missionaries assigned to this ward.  We assist with some teaching, have meetings together and try to invite some to dinner each week.  This week we had Sister Buo-In and Sister Prabang from Thailand and one of our new converts.  They are so cute and fun.

Our P-days are so fun and interesting.  We can walk or take the train to so many grand sights here in Sydney.  We went to Sydney Harbour and enjoyed watching the boats, people, and the beautiful sights in the Harbour and about the city. 

This week an amazing young man from China was baptized.  He has been attending for the past month and you would have thought he was already a member.  He is so natural and engaged in the gospel and has good leadership skills.  We believe he will return to China and be a great leader in the church in the future.  It is so nice that a large group of young adults attend these baptisms and support these new members.  It was beautiful baptism and the spirit was so evident as he bore his testimony and received the gift of the Holy Ghost.  The Lord truly loves ALL of His children in this vast world.

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