Sunday, June 14, 2015

We feel like we are back to our "normal" missionary routine after so many conferences, etc. We had Friday Forum this week and prepared lunch and had a great young man speak who had served a mission in Sydney last year.  We had about 5 investigators there so it was a great meeting.  Bishop Jeffree is the older man sitting on the right in this picture.  He is so good with all these YSAs and has a challenging assignment with this very diverse ward.

A wonderful young woman was baptized last Saturday.  She comes from a Jewish background and took a long time to commit to baptism but now she is solid and such a lovely young woman.  The young man who baptized her joined about 9 months ago and was Greek Orthodox.  He lives in Sydney with his family and they felt he has abandoned their family culture so he has a struggle at home but he is a dynamic member.   He is a very successful banker and needs a wife.  Don't you think these 2 make a cute couple??? (Sister Asplund matchmaker)

Two of our great missionaries got transferred this week and it is always hard to see them leave.  We had a "roast" last night for them when everyone shares the qualities they admire in the departing missionaries.  There were some very tender feelings but we know someone needs them in their new areas.

We love having the missionaries in our home for dinner and try to do that weekly, although it is sometimes hard to juggle all our schedules to accommodate.  These Elders are from New Zealand and Samoa.  We love all these terrific Elders and Sisters.  They are so dedicated to the work and are obedient, hard working and such fun and friendly missionaries.  We feel like they are our children after only being here 2 months and love to talk and teach with them.
We found such a fun place to shop and browse named Paddy's Market.  It is a huge 4 block complex with hundreds of little shops selling everything imaginable.  It is the place to find everything "Aussie" and terrific fruits and veggies.  I think maybe I am a bit more keen on the place than Allan!?!?

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