Saturday, November 28, 2015

Holidays are always a bit hard when we are on a mission.  Here of course , no one celebrates Thanksgiving so all of us Americans were feeling a bit low.  And then our great missionaries made Thanksgiving posters and went out on the streets and asked people what they were thankful for.  It was such a smashing success with some really cute replies that raised everyone’s spirits.  They hung the posters in the lobby and everyone who has come into the church the past few days has written their reply.  What a wonderful boost for everyone.

This morning we went to the temple—what a wonderful place to be on this day of thanks.  One of the young men who attended my temple prep class received his endowment so that made it extra special.There was a young woman in our session who was in a wheelchair and seemed to have MS.  It was so tender to watch her attempt to make the signs and have others dress her and then her husband brought her to the prayer circle and then he received her through the veil.  It was a very moving and sweet experience.  It was a perfect day in the temple and how blessed and happy I felt.

Last week we hosted the other 9 couples serving in this mission, to lunch and some fun in the city.  We prepared lunch at the church and then spent the afternoon at the  Botanical gardens and then a tour of the Opera House.  It is so great to make so many new friends as we serve here in Sydney.

Two weeks ago we got to play tour guides for the Henderson's brother and wife.  We had a wonderful time seeing the sights, beaches and enjoying ice cream on the day of 106* record heat.  But we missed our dear comrades Wileen and Gordon.

Yesterday we had an amazing baptism in our ward with 4 beautiful people baptized.  This picture shows a bit of the worldwide diversity of those baptized and the terrific missionaries that we are privileged to serve with.  The challenge is to keep up with all these new members in the ward, to learn their names and take them into the fold.  Can you tell how much we love our mission!!

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