Tuesday, November 3, 2015

We have had some fun and memorable experiences during the past week.  We had a big missionary transfer this past week with 4 leaving and 6 new coming.  So we prepared breakfast on Saturday with all the trimmings.  It takes a bit of food to fill  up these youngsters  but they are so appreciative and we love giving a little pampering.

There was a baptism planned that afternoon at another building as we have no font here.  It is an interesting trip on the train and then a 10 minute walk through a lovely area.  Two girls from China, Alina and Joanna, were baptized and they seem "fully baked" virsus "half baked" as the Bishop often refers to weak converts.  It was a really beautiful baptism with one of our amazing Elders from Beijing speaking.  It often feels like the future of the church in China is happening right here in Sydney.

Following the baptism we returned to the church to set up the Halloween Party.  Our YSA committee planned the best party with such fun games, good chow and great decor.  About 90 people attended and there were some great costumes.  It was such a fun night and we were pleasantly exhausted by days end.

As you can see, serving here is the most rewarding experience.  There is never a dull moment and changes are around every corner.  We hope we can keep up the pace!!

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